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Nico offers a new approach to personal care giving you a new “healthier” option to conventional toilet paper.
You may have found that regular toilet paper does a poor job cleansing.... It is also crude and old fashion. NICO WET| DRY is a superior cleansing system that brings us into the 21 century. It is healthier, more sanitary, more comfortable, environmentally friendly, and significantly saves on paper consumption.
Combining wet and dry tissues allows for a thicker, wider, and longer wet/dry combination that provides pristine cleansing. Conventional toilet paper does a partial job. You are never truly clean. NICO WET| DRY does make you truly clean. Discover NICO, " the next step in personal care".

NICO wet tissue has a mild solution for sensitive skin. It is biodegradable and flushable - easier on your plumbing. NICO saves on paper consumption, and is environmentally friendly.

NICO dry tissue is of facial quality, creating a luxurious feel.

Combine conventional toilet paper
with the Nico Wet/ Dry system

This will add a touch of sophistication
to your bathroom while adding convenience

This is the most affordable solution for introducing yourself to the new and improved Nico Wet|Dry system